30 Days Wild Pan-species Challenge: Day 26

Crowle Moors was absoloutley heaving with insects today, I’m sure once I’ve identified them all there will be some rare ones/loads of things I’ve never seen before.

However, my overriding target was the Large Heath, a specialist of these lowland bogs. In previous years I have managed to miss this butterfly while my family saw it, don’t ask me how this happened!

Today was different, however and this time I came away victorious. In total, we saw at least five individuals, mainly feeding on thistle.

P1240458 (2).jpg

Large Heath

The Large Heaths were a nightmare to photograph, they kept leaning and turning in weird angles, and the multitudes of Large Skippers, Meadow Browns and Ringlets wouldn’t share the thistle nicely.

There was quality in other taxonomic groups too, a female Adder making her way through tinder-dry vegetation and the distinctive songs of Tree Pipit, Cuckoo and a single Garden Warbler.


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