30 Days Wild Pan-species Challenge: Day 18

I got my second dragonfly lifer of the year today, an amazing Golden-ringed Dragonfly at the raptor viewpoint in Wykeham Forest, whilst dipping every good bird the area has to offer.

IMGP4254 (2).jpg

Golden-ringed Dragonfly

I picked it up from a distance and thought that it had Golden-ringed jizz, with a thin abdomen which, when viewed from the side, curves upwards. I moved closer and confirmed my hunch. What a stunner!

Once again I apologise for the horrific quality of the photo but I was again getting used to my sister’s camera. Luckily, my camera now works so this shouldn’t be a problem any more!

This dragonfly is going to have to vie with the Banded Demoiselle for my favourite species of Odonata.

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