30 Days Wild Pan-species Challenge: Day 15

I’m half way through my challenge now, and I’m on track!

I’m pleased to say that today’s lifer was a solitary bee, a group which I’m really trying to make an effort in, and in my garden too. This is what I believe is what is known as Willughby’s Leafcutter Bee, Megachile willughbiella:


Megachile willughbiella

I apologise for the poor, out-of-focus shot but it was a quick photo on my phone, the bee was very flighty and active!

These have to be one of the best groups of bees, with their amazing leaf-cutting behaviour. I really want to see one in action sometime, I’ve seen them carrying leaves but never the actual cutting. However, this one I photographed today won’t be doing any of that as I believe he is a male.


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