30 Days Wild Pan-species Challenge: Day 12

The moth trap was once again did bits for me, with two more lifers inside.

The first was this nice Ringed China-mark, Parapoynx stratiotata.


Parapoynx stratiotata

China-marks still fascinate me because of their aquatic lifestyle as a caterpillar, I’d love to find one in the water! This one is quite cosmopolitan in its choice of aquatic foodplants but I doubt it has hatched from my tiny excuse for a garden pond.

The second lifer was a very worn Grey Pug, which was hardly worth a photograph.

As you can see, I’m still frequently adding very common species to my list, even macros and even in my own garden. While it might seem quite high, my moth list of 271 pales into insignificance when you consider there are around 2500 species in the country, and we’re talking about one of the species groups which I concentrate on most here!

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