30 Days Wild Pan-species Challenge: Day 4

I nipped down to Flamborough Head today to look for the oil beetles for my challenge, as any of them would be a lifer. I was to be unlucky, however, but I did get an arguably better lifer.

In the morning a female Red-veined Darter was found along the cliff top and I wasn’t expecting to see it given how mobile single migrant dragonflies can be. I did have it in the back of my mind though.

This is a species which I probably should have seen by now, even though they are quite a scarce migrant to most of the country. Indeed, I’m fairly sure I had one at Titchwell Marsh when I was in Norfolk, but I couldn’t be certain as the views were very brief.

Today though, I noticed a darter flying down the path and it settled, quite distantly, but long enough for me to get this record shot.

P1240288 (2).JPG

Red-veined Darter

It’s really not the best of shots but you can clearly see the extensive yellowish veins exhibited by female Red-veined Darters. This shot also gives a sense of the two-toned eyes:

P1240289 (2).JPG

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